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Walk & Talk Training

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Unlike most courses, this course is actually held outdoors!

Are you a qualified, or nearly qualified, counsellor, psychotherapist, supervisor or coach and want to learn how to practice outdoors? 

You will learn everything you need to know in person and get the experience yourself.

Walk & Talk Training course

This course is designed to add walking to your talking therapy.


It is practical, down to earth information, insights and observations. The focus of this practical Walk and Talk course is to learn to incorporate, integrate or adapt your style of therapy or coaching to working and walking outside in various locations. At the end of this course you’ll have what you need to get out and start walking with clients.


Training Aims


  • To build counsellor confidence working outdoors

  • The weather and how to embrace it

  • Working safely and ethically outdoors

  • Considering Nature as container and partner

  • Planning and preparation

  • Benefits of Walk and Talk

  • Assessment of clients

  • Skills practice

Louise Bungard Spring 2022

I’m Louise and I started Walk and Talk Counselling in the Summer of 2020 as a way of being able to see clients face-to-face during the pandemic. It was always something I intended to look into but circumstance pushed me into doing it far sooner than I intended!

I’m so glad it did, as I love it and so do my clients.


My aim is to bring you a wide breadth of knowledge and experience from doing a number of courses myself, both online and outside, and Walk & Talk Counselling over the last three years, all year round.

My experience is now with over 50 clients, 800+ hours practice in a wide variety of locations in all weathers and seasons. 

What you'll get

Outdoor experiential training where I will give you all you need to get outside with your clients. You will be provided with the knowledge and confidence to do this. I will give you handouts and a CPD certificate (length of training depends on number in the group - approx. 2 - 4 hours)

Fees and location

This is an in-person outdoor training CPD and as with Walk and Talk itself requires a little flexibility.

You may be in private practice and want a 1 - 1 training, know interested colleagues and work as a pair or small group, or be part of a team who want to learn.

Training cost is £195 per person (discount negotiable for groups) in or near Worthing. We will discuss travel fees if I travel to you.

Contact me to find out more and discuss your needs and dates.


"It was interesting and fun in equal measure, the delivery was very human and knowledgeable"

"I found the information very practical and made realised that it's something I can implement as a way of practice. It also pointed out bullet points of what I need before I start"

"Very useful, and thought provoking", "Opens up another branch to my PP "

"Lovely to meet you, all very inspiring, what an amazing location you have, so pleased I chose to travel to you."

"To realise that sometimes being flexible is more important than looking right and being rigid; human experiences are enriched by diversity and acceptance; accepting that sometimes."

"I left Lancing feeling totally inspired. You gave the confidence to believe I can do it and the knowledge to start."

"Skills practice was my favourite along with listening to your own professional experiences."

"It has affected me immediately – I have done 3 sessions of WnT in the past week on the back of it!"

"The fact that after, I felt so much more confident. You were so open and honest that it brought the human element into it, making me realised that I should be more relaxed because at the end of the day doing counselling outside is another human experience and I am perfectly capable to engage in that."

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